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Welcome to

The Global School

On behalf of the founders and the leadership team of The Global School, gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school, the fruit of the efforts of a group of people who believe that education can truly change the world.

We are implementing worldwide trends.

We are implementing an innovative project, capitalizing on the lessons learned from many years of traveling the world, visiting the best schools, attending conferences, and interpreting global trends in education.

We are bringing to life the main principles for modern education

The innovation we propose lies in the fact that our practices reflect what should be done in education for a world that has decisively changed.

We postulate this change with the certainty that the underlying principles of our pedagogy, which we invite you to explore through our website, are not based on any educational theory or ideology, but rather aim to embody the fundamental and universally accepted principles: an education that puts the student at the center, is inclusive, uses technology as a means to bring knowledge closer, strengthens students’ self-esteem, learns from mistakes, and develops creative skills.

The Global Rooms

Colorful, stimulating, spacious, and relaxed spaces

Our students learn in colorful, stimulating, spacious, and relaxed spaces, enjoying coming to school and feeling that learning can truly be a source of joy and enthusiasm.

We invite you not just to browse through this website but also to physically come to the school, so that we can expand on what is expressed here and so that you can see in person what is already happening at The Global School.

It is a great honor and privilege to greet you on behalf of a team of people who strive every day to give their best for their students, and to wish you the opportunity to share with us this project that motivates us and gives us hope.

Staff Global Think Team