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A new school

The Global School opened its doors in January 2019, as a new school for a different world. Those of us who founded The Global School understand the need to change many of the current practices of schools, which continue to prepare students for a world that no longer exists.

A motivating and stimulating environment

The school operates on a premises with a privileged location and an incomparable environment, adjacent to the San Carlos Club, where they engage in  physical education activities. The building is spacious, bright, with an advanced design for education, in a context that stimulates and motivates students to enjoy their learning.

We are certain that the future of education is NOW, and we are already building it.

At the school, we face the challenge of accompanying students’ learning journeys for an uncertain future, with professions or jobs that have not yet been invented.

Our principles

To navigate the present, providing solid tools and resources for the future.


Lifelong learning is a fundamental goal of education at the school.


Technology can be a positive disruption for a new pedagogy.


Students need to learn more about technology to understand its ethical and social dimensions and its implications for future technological developments.


There are many positive interactions with the online environment that can enhance the educational experience.


In a world marked by uncertainty and dynamic changes, it is necessary to have VALUES as a foundation to be able to develop in a globally interconnected world.


Creativity and critical thinking are key skills that students must learn to develop in a new paradigm.


We must all develop healthy behaviors that pursue well-being as a primary goal in life.