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Secondary School


The secondary school is where much of what has been worked on in previous years is materialized, through spaces that embody the ideas of our project. We have an official bilingual plan, with a wide range of curricular spaces that allows us to deepen the learning of different disciplines and skills. In addition, we incorporate transversal themes such as sustainability, wellness, and social action into the curriculum, in line with our holistic approach to education. Our focus is on providing a personalized learning experience that allows each student to explore their interests, passions, and future goals, while developing critical thinking skills, creativity, and the ability to work collaboratively.

Our curriculum also includes, in addition to the mandatory basic contents of the Province of Buenos Aires, our own subjects such as TGS Project, Expression Workshop and TGS Online, in which students can develop projects, learn from online courses, and express themselves through art.

TGS Roadmap

There is an incentive program called TGS Roadmap, which rewards students with the highest participation throughout the year, and guarantees a minimum level of commitment to the activities proposed by the school. We participate in several international projects every year, promoting global connection and learning to work in teams with people from other countries.

The structure of the Secondary School is designed to help students grow in independent work, critical thinking, problem solving, and connection to real life, for example through the H2H lecture series, in which people with inspiring life stories and testimonies come to the school to expand our students’ learning horizons.


Once a month, students can choose two workshops from the tgsPlus program, where professionals from different areas share their knowledge in diverse and practical ways.


The social action program acquires particular relevance, and there are countless alternatives in the school for students to pursue their interests, such as the tgsWired Team, which develops flyers and other internal graphic design tools, Decarbonize, an international environmental education initiative, debate, Model United Nations and many other outreach activities.

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