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In primary school, learning becomes more formal, and in addition to working on traditional areas and core skills such as reading and writing, our educational approach encourages the development of skills that promote autonomy, critical thinking, and expression as students grow.

We work with a project-based learning approach, which is undoubtedly the main pedagogical manifestation in schools around the world. We evaluate it entirely in a formative way through rubrics, and we seek opportunities for real-life contact, linking learning to real problems.

Periodically, interdisciplinary projects are carried out, involving several areas, which develop in our students the ability to present their projects and research both orally and through multimedia expression.

Conect students with their passions and interests

Technology, gardening, art, music, physical education, and workshop spaces provide our students with a wide range of possibilities for learning and fulfilling the explicit objective of connecting with their interests and passions.


The English sections works through interdisciplinary projects, concerts, and the iReady platform, which provides a solution with state-of-the-art technology, including adaptive diagnostics, to generate a personalized learning path for each student.

Personal and Social Education

We strongly work on the social and personal education program, solidarity, and mindfulness, as a way to help students connect with their emotions and develop values and virtues that are fundamental to their healthy growth.

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