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Our Program

From the very beginning of our project, we had a clear focus on a learning proposal for well-being, which we call our wellness area. This emphasis on learning healthy habits is a fundamental component of our educational proposal. Although it is an integral process throughout the school, we focus on three fundamental principles.

Contact with nature

Being able to connect with nature, literally getting their hands in the soil, connects our students with the environment and, from a very young age, instills in them a consciousness of environmental care.

We have two orchards at The Global School, one of them for the exclusive use of the early childhood level, and the other for primary and secondary school, including a greenhouse. All early childhood and primary students have at least one hour per week dedicated to the garden, while secondary school students access it through special projects and the environmental science workshop.

Healthy Eating

All instances related to food at The Global School have had an emphasis on sustainable and healthy eating. From the cafeteria menu, supervised by a nutritionist, to a nutritionist who regularly attends consultations with families and students, including all events, we make sure that the food is healthy and natural, as a way to set an example and instill good eating habits.

Periodically, we provide nutrition and sports nutrition workshops, and these topics are also included in the science or health and adolescence subjects in high school.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is also essential when developing healthy habits for life. At The Global School, we have weekly fitness stimulation and a sports afternoon for primary and secondary school. Physical activity is carried out at Club San Carlos, adjacent to the school, with magnificent facilities that also allow us to optimize time as our students can start their activities just minutes after their regular classes without the need for transportation.

Our physical education program includes activities that are as similar as possible to what our students will do after graduating from school, and we hold annual competitions that involve the entire family, with fitness practices that can continue after finishing school.