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Technology Applied to Education

The role and impact of technology in education is a topic that is widely discussed and debated. However, the application of technology in the school environment should be clearly oriented towards 4 objectives, which we foster for the learning process in our school:

Technology as a gateway to an infinite universe of knowledge has changed the learning paradigm to a more dynamic, current, and real one that challenges schools around the world to implement a new knowledge model.

Connection with the globalized world. Through projects and other interactive activities, we can achieve that our students relate to a variety of experiences, learning from other cultures and developing the ability to interact with a diverse world full of opportunities.

New forms of expression. Today’s technology provides us with a multimedia channel of expression that involves learning a different language, representing a new, real, and different possibility of personal and professional expression.

Critical Users.

In the face of exponentially growing developments that will increasingly impact our lives, it is essential that our students learn to think critically and examine technological advances comprehensively, understanding both their possibilities and limitations, as well as the impact and ethical dilemmas that arise.

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