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One universally accepted principle is that we learn from our mistakes and that school should be a space for developing resilience and the ability to overcome frustration. Unfortunately, in most schools around the world, assessment does not promote learning improvement, but rather becomes a judgment of the student that can be detrimental to their self-esteem and confidence.

At The Global School, following practices that have long been known in education, we work based on rubrics, documents that describe the success criteria for tasks, evaluations, and student productions in general. In as many opportunities as possible, we involve students in the design of these rubrics, not only so they can think about their own learning, but also so they know what criteria will result in good productions.

Students have opportunities to improve their work, in such a way as to incorporate new learning, correct errors if there were any, in what is known as formative assessment, which informs learning.

Self-assessment and peer assessment.

Given that in real life our students will constantly need to evaluate how much they know and how much they need to learn in order to solve any problem, it is very important to encourage self-evaluation, as well as the evaluation of the work of other teams and students, in order to become co-responsible for the learning process.

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