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How we learn at TGS

The principles upon which our pedagogical model is based are very clear and go hand in hand with the main authors, books, what is gleaned from conferences and talks, and, above all, researching the most innovative schools in the world, which are considered as international references, to see that there is a marked path to improve education.


We seek to interconnect with the global world, educate for well-being, focusing on the student, with technology as a gateway to infinite knowledge, understanding the implications of technology, with values, and, above all, promoting and favoring the development of each student to their maximum potential. At The Global School, we are working to make these principles a reality, improving every day in the practices and implementation of them.

educating for wellbeing

We seek to connect with the global world

Our pedagogical model is a synthesis of the best practices from schools all over the world. In each area of its development, we will continue to grow in the application of proven methods and processes for a quality school and a redefined model of excellence.