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Project Based Learning

Our curriculum and pedagogy

Learning by doing

Throughout the entire schooling process, we favor the methodology of Project-Based Learning (PBL), one of the most implemented pedagogical modalities in recent times, due to its numerous opportunities for relevant and attractive learning.

Solving real-life problems, connecting with everyday situations, increases students’ interest, allows them to work on creativity, critical thinking, as well as teamwork, and the successive and progressive development of projects also provides opportunities to learn from mistakes. The use of technology for presentations, and the ability to show their work orally to the community, also develop relevant skills for the current and future context.

Collaborative work

It is well known that in real life, we work in teams, and very few professions and activities are carried out individually. In our school, we try to make the majority of projects done in teams, in order to learn to work collaboratively, an essential skill in the workplace.