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We make our own the proverb that says “It takes a whole village to raise a child” and we conceive our school as a space open to the entire community. We connect permanently with real life, through members of our community who contribute to the learning of our students, and opening diverse spaces for participation and exchange. The Global School is a school that seeks to make the connection with the current and the real world a reality, which improves and encourages learning.


A weekly cycle of talks for high school students, in which people with moving life stories share their experiences with the idea of inspiring our students and opening up a wide horizon of learning. Politicians, scientists, athletes, artists, people who have overcome difficulties and a variety of professions have attended this space, understanding that it is a fundamental part of our learning.


We provide a space for families to participate in community initiatives, projects, and other learning opportunities. From these meetings, initiatives emerge to involve families, provide transportation, and support the school in developing events, social action initiatives, and more.


An open monthly forum for families to express their perspectives, opinions, and suggestions, as a way for the school to continue growing and improving.


Our social awareness program includes families, who connect us with NGOs and other organizations that carry out social actions, as well as participating in the various learning and service initiatives generated within the school.

Community Talks

Periodically, we invite our families to events, talks, and other instances to share the school’s agenda in areas such as personal development, emotional education, alcohol and addictions, and comprehensive sex education, among others.