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Our admission process is simple, short, and straightforward.

Please complete our form.

Once this form Our admissions team will contact you to schedule an initial meeting and school visit.

First Meeting

The meeting can be either as part of a group or individual, and aims to both get to know the families, their realities and needs, and to communicate the proposal with its characteristics and guidelines, providing the fundamentals on which it is based. Once the meeting is finished, the next steps are explained.

TGS Link

This is the meeting in which The Global School welcomes families who are looking to move forward in the admission process. Parents and children come to the school. At this stage, students are evaluated in the areas of language, mathematics, and English, and parents have the opportunity to meet with the directors of each level, being able to address any questions and concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The school is bilingual and there are English content and activities during the morning schedule, in addition to almost half of the day dedicated to learning English. A certain level of English is not required to enter, but it is important that any student who joins the school can participate in the learning activities that take place in English, so we will evaluate if they are able to comfortably develop in the day-to-day activities of the school. For an enrollment with sufficient advance notice, we will support the effort of the students to improve their English level, if necessary, before entering the school.

In the early childhood education level, the two-year-old classroom has a maximum of 18 students, the three-year-old classroom has a maximum of 22 students, and starting from the four-year-old classroom, there is a maximum of 25 students throughout the rest of the school years.

Yes, our schools embraces diversity and we have students with special needs in practically all grades. However, our ability to meet special needs is limited by physical space, staff, and resources, so it may be the case that we cannot accept a student if we are unable to provide the personalized attention they require.

TGS Link reflects the school’s project and involves students in participating in a creative activity appropriate to the age and development of each child. These activities aim to evaluate expressive abilities in both English and Spanish, oral and written, the socialization of each incoming student and their attitude towards school and learning. Math contents are also included as an expression of logical thinking.

In high school, each incoming student is asked to prepare a topic of their interest to be presented freely as a way of helping us get to know them better and being able to start a dialogue about their admission to the school.