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Early childhood education is the natural setting for children’s development, and from a young age we work to acquire skills that will be put into practice later in the educational process.

Starting from play as a didactic activity and evaluating the personalized progress of each child, we begin to work on critical thinking, carry out small projects based on what children are capable of at each age, and even introduce algorithmic thinking through an initial exposure to robots specially designed for early childhood.

Nature, Art, Healthy Eating ...

We stimulate the development of creativity through the arts, contact with nature through the weekly gardening class, and they already learn about healthy eating by cooking their own snacks in the Cooking for Fun project.


English learning begins in the two-year-old classroom and continues until the four-year-old classroom, integrated into the morning schedule. Starting in the five-year-old classroom, all students have a double shift including English classes.

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