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Publicado el: 18/03/2019

As from this year onwards, what used to be the “Tutoría” space, a one-hour subject for every year in the Secondary School, has been transformed into TGS Online.

Given the fact that online learning is acquiring a greater importance and preeminence as a learning modality, we think it is very important that our students experiment this learning mode at the school, as well as giving them a broader choice of subject matters to learn from.

In order to achieve that, we have created a space where tutors will work with teachers to provide them with a menu of options for online courses portals, and will work with them to choose the most appropriate courses for topics of their interest and their age level. We would love for them to find those themes that they are passionate about, and that they fulfill all course requirements so that they even may obtain the incumbent certifications when available.

Twice a year we will organize an open day in which students will share their learning via TED talk like short interactions. This initiative will allow first is to acquire some very relevant skills towards our goal of broadening their learning experience in providing them with personalized options in which they take responsibility and ownership for their own learning process.

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